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Women Belts Price
- Sep 04, 2017 -

The price of the belt is also increasing with the expansion of its value. 80 years ago, the belt as "tethered trousers belt" not too much change, the price is only based on the material to decide, man-made fiber is about a few dollars more than 10 dollars a piece, cowhide of about more than 10 dollars to dozens of yuan. Later, the emergence of the brand, the belt on a new level, such as Kim Lee, many people in the 890 's to tie a gold to the automatic buckle belt proud. The price of the belt also climbed to more than 100, even to four hundred or five hundred yuan.

After 2000, the international famous brand is increasingly sought after by high-end consumers, domestic brands also follow suit, the price of the belt soared, under 500 yuan has not bought a very good quality belt, generally in 500 yuan, Dunhill will be in the three thousand or four thousand yuan or so. Belt high-end price and the contradiction between the public needs more and more obvious, the role of the network also played a role in this field, many people through the network to do a belt business, but some large businesses, still control the high profit belt, enough quality belts between 300--500 yuan. On the network a lot of 350, more than 100 of the belt, although the price can be accepted, the picture is pretty, even take in the hand feel good belt, the department of two or three months, there have been cracks and even broken, because these basic are not cowhide, all is imitation skin.

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