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The Use Of Women Belts
- Sep 04, 2017 -

As for the girdle of the belt, there was a clear stipulation in ancient times. such as "Book of Rites, Deep clothing," remember: "Take, under not annoying legs, without the threat, when boneless." Yingda notes: "When the boneless, when the bone is in the relief of distress, so when there is no bone." This deep belt in the belt of the sacrificial service. The belt of the sacrificial offerings is near. Therefore, "Yuzao" Cloud: "Three points down, the gentry habitat two Yan." is to bring the following four feet five inches also. "The part of the girdle is determined entirely by the different shapes of the various garments." We can see from the Warring States and the Han Dynasty period of the figurines, where the woman wearing a lapel deep clothing, belt more than the tip of the skirt, in case the clothes disperse. This belt height depends on the height of the skirt. The law of the leather belt is different from this, at the junction of the top of the leather belt, there is usually a fixed device, as long as the phase can be used, not to tie the knot like a ribbon. The fixed device with the first, in general also has two kinds of shape, a kind of hook-like, called "Hook".

The emergence of a hook in China can be traced back to the spring and Autumn period. In Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and Shanxi and other places in the spring and autumn tomb, have a hook in kind unearthed. The name of the hook is also often mentioned in the literature. such as "pipe, Small Kuang": "Pipe Yi I kiss the hook." "Shiji Zitai Family": "Hit small leucorrhea hook" and so on.