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Rhinestone Fake Collar Decorated With Autumn's Strongest Costume Accessories
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Now more and more people like to use false collars to foil costumes, combined with the dress show Ol fan, with sweaters and well-behaved students fan. The diamond fake collar can not only create a sense of the alternative, but also show the fashion effect, is the most strong autumn apparel accessories.

Fashion reviews: Black collar Background is the designers hope to be able to build, put on the bright and shiny green and white rhinestones, pieced together a beautiful flower, show women elegant side. The matching head knit shirt or the pure color dress, all very good.

Fresh Floret Fake Collar

Fashion Comment: The most perfect white false collar, appear innocent, more foil skin color, with green and white rhinestones to spell beautiful flower floret, with silver and white beads dotted around, very sweet appearance, suitable for all ages girls.