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I'll Teach You How To Make A Fake Collar
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Thrift is a virtue, in daily life, more and more dilapidated items, discarded will not only destroy the environment, but also caused waste. Today, Xiao Bian to teach you how to use waste to treasure, learn about the production of false collars.

Materials and tools for making fake collars:

1. An old shirt

2, a decorative buckle

3, a roll of matching sewing

4. A pair of scissors

The procedure of the fake collar

Step Essentials:

Step 1: untie the folded shirt button and spread it out.

Step 2: Then, with the scissors along the collar of the shirt to cut down the collar, pay attention to keep a button.

Step 3: Cut it down.

Step 4-6: Then, wear needle, will decorate buckle seam, notice seam on the side of the button.

Step 7: After sewing.

After the false collar is done, can be worn like this, also can match the sweater, looks very fashionable, has the wood to have?