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How To Match A Fake Collar
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Clothes will always remember to match some jewelry to foil, now more and more people like to use the false collar to match clothes, although no jewelry to luxury, but also without losing a beautiful temperament.

Mary's red dress with a white fake collar shows the little woman's side.

Stitching color dress plus bead false collar, and dress collocation very perfect, temperament suddenly ascend up.

The pink skirt is very bright eye, the sharp silver false collar appears quite chic, the color heel heels match perfectly.

The frame structure of the false collar with a butterfly, paired with black and white with a short shirt and sleeveless dress, played a simple decorative role, is suitable for white-collar dress oh.

Yellow-lemon T-shirt with rose red bud skirt, and pink heels, the overall beautiful color makes people look good, and then with the false collar printing a small fresh feeling oh.

The one-word collar of the dress always let people feel the neck space, so with small lapel false collar, instant upgrade temperament, simple and without losing temperament.

The black-and-white dress is best suited for a small, elegant black-tipped collar.

The sharp silver false collar promotes the fashion degree, the fresh white dress wears, is very small fresh and charming feeling.

For the V-neckline jacket is best suited to match the false collar, with the clothes blend very perfect, embodies the elegance of the fashionable feeling.

Wave point lace stitching dress, plus a white false collar very delicate, very suitable for the petite figure girl.

Wide-collar wave point T-shirt and pleated chiffon long skirt with simple bead false collar, simple temperament oh.

The small tip of the printing pattern is full of artistic atmosphere and the same printing clothes, bold dress to make you look particularly prominent in the crowd oh.