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Fashion Trend Of Decorating Neckline
- Sep 04, 2017 -

The "Fake collar" was a very stylish dress for the men of the 670. At that time, only the cadres of the production team or the decentralization of youth and so on these more fastidious talents in the tunic or imitation uniform lined with such a collar, no clothes and sleeves of special clothing. Frankly speaking, it should actually be fake clothes and real collars. But that does not prevent cadres from wearing their identities. The fabric of the fake collar is also more exquisite. The average person only uses the inexpensive gauze cloth, the better one will choose the polyester or Dacron cloth to do, do a good job of the collar and bleaching and crisp, every time after crossing, always have to wash the wind is half dry of the false collar, with the production team hair of the big mug, loaded with a cylinder of boiling water, hot at the collar back and forth ironing, so that both save time, and save money. The People's Congress couldn't afford the whole shirt. The good people all use the money to show the family's "three Turns" (Note: The general code of Rural Fashion household goods before the reform and opening-up, "three turns" refers to watches, sewing machines, bicycles, a ring refers to "radio"). There is no better place than any other family. But there are some aspects of the general, such as performance in the dress: The General people will be loose muscle shoes, pay attention to the others are out of the guest wear shoes. Of course, a well-dressed man will wear a "false collar" when he walks out. "False collar" also has good or bad points, mainly embodied in the work and cloth. Good tailor, the most critical look at two: one is not to do the tunic; Therefore, these two proficient tailors tend to be concentrated in the brigade, set up a tailor's team, dedicated to undertake the collective business, but also the piecework system. In the event of a cadre traveling in emergency, the tailors will also give cadres to take a nasty, let them make a piece, to more oil or buy a package of foreign fire or more. "False collar" cloth is also very exquisite. Ordinary people use cheap gauze cloth, and then pay more attention to the choice of polyester or Dacron material to do, do a good job of the collar bleaching and scrape. Of course, the price will be much more expensive. Everyone is reluctant to let the tailor go after each pass to iron, which is time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, the difficult and difficult people, most people will always wash the wind blown half dry false collar with the use of indigenous ironing. Generally with the production team hair of the big mug, loaded with a cylinder of boiling water not, hot in the collar on ironing. "False collar" after the iron, mug in the hot water is good to use, can be said to be the same.

Inside wearing a white and net "false collar", outside wearing a green uniform or tunic, and then will Fangi son one buckle, that is then the most standard success of men dressed.