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Decorative Neckline Background
- Sep 04, 2017 -

In the late 70, the material life of the city dweller is also comparatively poor, the income is small, the supply is tight, buys many things to need the ticket, only buys the clothing, besides the money, but also has the cloth, the textile voucher and so on, the textile basically also is the ration supply, not to the New years, the general person Shirt is the top grade in clothing, wear it, people appear to be spiritual decency. But shirt price is relatively expensive, need cloth, so people Shang, false collar arises, popular. In that year, the streets of decent people dressed in clean and tidy shirts, which have a lot of missing short sleeves of the false collar mixed among them, parading. Fortunately, fake collar wear in the coat inside, true or false, who will not be grilled your coat, see inside is wearing a real shirt or false collar, and the false collar became a fashion, wearing more people, people see not strange. As the saying goes: Demand produces supply. In the era of poor economy, the false collar has become a unique, Chinese-style substitute for clothing.

Buy a false collar to wear, not only save money, but also take care of the wearer's decency, the Chinese people's ingenuity is really to play to the extreme, a small shirt, can improve so perfect. The fake collar is not only economical, but also convenient to wash, even if it is set on the axle of the neck, dirty collar, washing up is as convenient as washing a handkerchief.