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Decorate Neckline Comeback
- Sep 04, 2017 -

"Saving collar", the "specialty" of Shanghai in the 780 's, has come back quietly. But unlike in the past, "Save the Collar" users become a group of white-collar workers. Mr. Wang's daughter works in a foreign trade company her wardrobe is neatly hung with several "save-collar": "False lead" weight, put in the suitcase is not strenuous, even if used as a disposable clothing, wear once to throw away, the cost is more than in the hotel to wash a shirt cheaper. Therefore, every time to go abroad before the exhibition, we must bring 10 eight pieces, and wash up and convenient, in line with the international environmental protection concept. In some not have to wear shirts outside the occasion, may wish to pick up old habits, response to the building of resource-saving society call. "After knowing the idea of my daughter, Mr. Wang said he would also like to consider buying some" savings collar "nostalgia." Mr Zhang, the department manager of a foreign accounting company, became obsessed with "saving the collar" half a month ago. "The shirt needs to change every day, I already have more than 10 shirts, but the winter wash is not easy to dry, and the washing is still hot, very time-consuming." Moreover, the shirt is not cheap, a cheap shirt at least hundred yuan, better even hundreds of yuan. "Half a month ago, Mr. Zhang and colleagues chat, accidentally heard that someone with" save collar "instead of the shirt, but also laughed at the old people, but after a try down, the effect is really good. Mr. Zhang has bought a white, blue, yellow, striped four-piece "Saving collar" online.

"It's winter, and you're going to wear a sweater and wear a ' save collar ' and a shirt. Mr. Zhang said that in order to prevent the accident, he had a shirt in his office that could be replaced at any time.

On Taobao search "Save Collar", unexpectedly found more than 100 commodity information, and the price is not high. A two-diamond credibility of the seller, Ms. Hu said that she previously worked in foreign companies, a very casual opportunity to contact the "saving collar", that is very suitable for white-collar "lazy people", then from January 2007 onwards on the internet to sell "saving collar."

"My customers are mainly young white-collar workers and they like the ' frugal clothes ', only the choice of noodles is too small, a single variety, ask more people, buy fewer people, so I from the tailor department to customize some of the new flower style, cloth has also been replaced, can also be customized according to customer's advice. Although the cost has improved, the business is good. ”

Ms. Hu said that her shop can now be sold every month hundreds "save collar", the price of more than 10 yuan to dozens of yuan, many buyers are repeat customers or customer referrals.