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An Overview Of Decorative Neckline
- Sep 04, 2017 -

False collar is not false, in fact, is the real collar, also called saving collar, economic collar, it only took the collar of the shirt, after the front of the film, there are buttons buttonhole, but also retained the upper part of the shirt, sleeves and clothes are omitted, only with two pieces of cloth to cover the arms, wearing inside, real, so it is not a true clothes.

Before the reform and opening up, because the material life is poor, people buy things to rely on the supply of tickets, clothing is more according to the head supply cloth, and a year on so many cloth, gu bought a coat to ignore underwear, not to festivals, the general family is rarely buy new clothes. "Shang", it is said that Shanghai people first with a fraction of cloth to make a false collar, and a fraction of cloth does not need to supply a ticket, so this clever approach quickly swept China. Wearing a false collar, the collar part of the show is exactly the same as the shirt, the feeling is to wear a crisp shirt. Inside wore a white and net false collar, outside wearing a green uniform or tunic, and then will Fangi a buckle, that is the era of the most standard men dress.

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