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Wide Plate Belt
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Personality: Rough-tempered, with a certain aggressiveness, in the process of conquest with some kind of neutral sexy.

Corresponding constellation: Best suited for combination with trousers. such as skinny jeans or shiny trousers, the jacket suggests a tight silhouette, with the option of a popular fur dress or a short jacket in order to maintain balance.

Focus: Wide plate belt for the top of the request is more stringent, if you are confident, but always deal with the relationship between you and the wide-plate belt, then, you might as well check the choice of your blouse: whether the length of the jacket is moderate, too long, if the length of the jacket just to the crotch, it is easy to give a disproportionate impression, You can choose a shorter coat; if you use the H-type medium-length jacket, the length of the coat to the thigh 1/2, the best expression of your graceful posture.

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