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Troubleshooting of Zipper
- Sep 04, 2017 -

1, when the opening and closing is not smooth, if the force pulling the chain head, will produce tooth bite failure. At this time with paraffin or lubrication spray [zipper Companion (Fastenermate)] applied to the surface of the tooth and inside, and then move the head several times after sliding loose.

2, things packed too much time on the bag zipper, if used closed zipper, the zipper is too much force, will make the teeth out of the belt. This is a serious problem on the zipper. Close the left and right teeth, so that the chain head easily through closed zipper.

3, opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain head to bite the line or cloth and pull the head can not move in this case, if strong to pull the head, it will bite deeper, should on the one hand pull the head backwards, one side and the cloth to untie. When you completely bite, do not pull the pull, slowly pull the head back. And in the seam loading, please do not leave a hidden danger.