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the wash water label description
- Sep 28, 2017 -

What is the definition of wahsing lable ? What is the classification of the specific? Now I explain to everybody here.

Washing label, also known as the care label. Is made of special paper material label with the product money number, size, size, product composition, washing symbols, washing considerations, production factories, factory phone calls and so on.

Material has a lot of kinds, common ordinary washer wrinkle fabric is white

A. What is the care label?

Care label is made of some special material label! The essence of it is also a kind of label. Only on the material with normal paper label is different!

2. Washing mark classification:

Ordinary washing label including

1. Cloth label, called the woven lable

2. The satin material label, is called the satin label

3. The woven label material label, woven label

3. Washing mark scope of application:

Care label is not only used in the clothing, but no is the most widely used in clothing industry is one of the industry, of course, shoes, bags, electronic products and so on all walks of life as long as the need to use label it is possible to use water to wash the label!

4. Care label information:

Of course this care label is not a real standard, it includes the range is very large. But the practice is the sole criterion for testing truth! So I think factory are more easy to understand! More easy to let us know the care label this concept!

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