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The collocation rule of women belts
- Sep 04, 2017 -

For women, the belt is not just a pair of accessories with trousers, the most important thing is that it has a good role in shaping. But it's not just a good match, but a lady's belt is a rule.

A wide, hanging waistband on the crotch fits anyone.

B Skin thin waist belt most suitable for the bone sense of the woman, but it is very able to reflect the woman's small waist-if you have.

C Remember that the belt is the finishing touches, not that it looks like a weightlifting player.

D If the waist type is not very good, do not use too dazzling belt, this will make people notice your insufficiency. Of course, the most important thing is to match the overall color of the clothing, if you are an artist is another matter.

E don't buckle to the last buttonhole! Your belt should be buttoned in the middle of the buttonhole. If not, it just means the belt is not in the right size. Don't tuck your shirt into the lower crotch belt. Let the hem of the big shirt over the belt, or keep the bottom of the short shirt on a few centimeters above the belt. Keep the "Hardware" Unified: the Silver belt buckle and the silver jewelry match, and so on. If you wear a "long rope" belt, or a sash with tassels and other pendant decorations, you must put the hanging part on one side of the body.