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Belts collocation Skills
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Belts are more important than decorative functions.

Men's belts are generally relatively single, the texture is mostly leather, not too much decoration. When wearing a suit, you have to wear a belt, while other clothing (such as sports, casual clothing) can not be tied. Wear a belt when wearing only a shirt and putting a shirt in your pants in summer. The lady's belt is very rich, the texture has the leather, the knitting, other textile, the pure adornment sex occasion is more, the style is also various. Summer is also to show the colorful season of everyone's belt! Let's take a look at what's important in choosing a belt.

Coordination and matching

including clothing styles and colors, such as wearing a suit skirt generally choose leather or textile, a less-than-subtle belt to match the demure style of a garment, and if two or even a soft fabric skirt is used, the belt will have a larger choice;

Body size Matching

For example, the stature is too tall, can use the more conspicuous belt, form a horizontal line, split it, increase the transverse width, if the upper body length is short, you can appropriately improve the belt to a more appropriate upper and lower proportion of the lines, resulting in a better visual effect; If the body is too chunky, avoid using a large, more colorful belt buckle (knot), Do not use wide belts.

Occasion Coordination

Do not use the belt which decorates too many in the profession, but must appear cleanly some, attends the dinner, the ball, the belt may be fancy.

No matter men or women, the girdle must be noted: Before going out to see if your belt is fit, there is no "anomaly" in the belt, and it is not appropriate to move the belt in public or in front of others, and not to have an elastic belt in the open when you dine, which is neither polite nor tasteful.